some kind of mandroid (trakkie) wrote in spacesanta,
some kind of mandroid

What To Do With Your Fics

Hello all! December 15th is fast approaching, so I hope your fics are coming along well! Here are instructions for what to do with your fic once it is finished.

1) Please add in all simple HTML coding that you want in your fic. This means bold, italics, etc. You DO NOT need to add line breaks.

2) E-mail your fic to You may attach it as a .doc or .txt document, or paste it in the body of the e-mail. Please do not include any identifying information in your fic, like beta thanks.

That's it! Fairly simple. I will email you back to let you know that your fic has been received. Remember, the deadline is Midnight, EST, December 15th. If you are going to need an extension, let me know as soon as possible. And if you're going to drop out (and please, do your best not to drop out!) let me know that as soon as possible too.

Thanks! Hope you're all having fun!
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